Designing a Celo-Based Loyalty Program with Truffle and Angular

Immerse yourself in the world of designing a token-based loyalty program on the Celo blockchain. This tutorial provides comprehensive guidance using the Truffle framework for smart contract development and Angular for frontend implementation. Explore the creation of smart contracts for user registration, activity tracking, and token reward distribution. By the end of this tutorial, you will be adept at developing a loyalty program on Celo that enhances customer engagement and retention.

Stack: Truffle, Angular, Celo, Loyalty Program, Smart Contracts, Token-based Rewards, User Registration, Activity Tracking, Token Reward Distribution, Customer Engagement, Customer Retention.


Great seeing an Angular developer here. I notice we dont have so much of them in the space.


Although your tutorial is similar to this, Since you’re using a different stack and also building a full dApp, it’s good to go. This however is a ratification for approval.