Developing a Decentralized Ad Network on Celo using Solidity and Web3.js

This comprehensive tutorial emphasizes the development of smart contracts for ad placements, user interaction tracking, and payment disbursement. You will construct a decentralized ad network on the Celo blockchain by following this tutorial, which focuses on Solidity for smart contract development and Web3.js for frontend integration.

Utilize Web3.js and Solidity to establish a fair and transparent advertising environment on Celo that will allow for effective ad placement, precise user interaction tracking, and easy payment processing. You will have the knowledge necessary to build a strong and transparent ad network on Celo at the end of this lesson, promoting fairness and transparency in the advertising industry.

This lesson will discuss the following features,

  1. Real-time Reporting and Analytics
  2. Designing Contracts for Ad Placement Listings
  3. Handling Ad Campaign Creation and Verification
  4. Tracking Ad Impressions and Clicks
  5. Ensuring Data Privacy and Security
  6. Ensuring Data Consistency and Security
  7. User Interfaces for Ad Placement Management

All these features to learn and relearn are what I can’t wait to foresee, and read more discursive explanations from you, regarding this topic.

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So much to look forward to here. Nice

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I’m curious to see this finished

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