Dive in Savings Pools


Welcome to “Dive in Savings Pools.” We will explore the concepts of decentralized finance (DeFi) and how they are being made accessible to everyone through projects like Pool Together and Good Ghosting. We will learn about the motivations behind these projects, their approach to making savings more accessible, and the benefits they offer to users. So let’s get started!

Understanding the Mission of Celo Foundation

The Celo Foundation aims to build an open financial system that promotes prosperity for all. In this section, we will learn about the mission of Celo and how it is deeply meaningful, as well as the personal background of Sochi Casador, who works at Celo Foundation.

Introduction to Pool Together

Pool Together is a protocol for prize savings that encourages people to save money by offering them rewards. In this section, we will explore how Pool Together works, its benefits, and the inspiration behind its creation. We will also discuss the importance of financial health and how prize savings can help achieve it.

Introducing Good Ghosting

Good Ghosting is a savings application that allows anyone in the world to access it without requiring identification. This section will focus on the background of Gail and her motivation to enter the web 3 space. We will explore how Good Ghosting incentivizes people to build good financial habits and the unique approach it takes to gamify savings.

Accessibility and User Experience

In this section, we will discuss the accessibility and ease of use offered by Pool Together and Good Ghosting. We will explore how these projects have made savings more accessible through their user-friendly designs. We will also examine the dichotomy between developed and undeveloped countries in terms of savings rates and how these projects bridge that gap.

Empowering Communities

Community involvement and advocacy play a crucial role in making DeFi accessible to everyone. In this section, we will learn about the strategies employed by Pool Together and Good Ghosting to empower community members and make them advocates of the projects. We will also explore the importance of multi-language support and the impact it has on global accessibility.

Exploring the Future of DeFi

In the final section, we will delve into the future possibilities of DeFi and the projects’ plans for expansion. We will discuss the integration of NFTs and the potential use cases that can be imagined through composability. Additionally, we will explore how data transparency enables additional benefits such as access to undercollateralized loans. We will emphasize the collaborative nature of the DeFi ecosystem and encourage further exploration and participation.


Congratulations on completing the video on “Dive in Savings Pools.” We hope this tutorial has provided you with valuable insights into the accessibility of DeFi through projects like Pool Together and Good Ghosting. Feel free to explore these projects further and consider contributing to the DeFi ecosystem. Remember, anyone can make a difference and help build a more inclusive financial system for all.