Embrace Real-Time Collaboration with the Who's Online Plugin at Celo Academy


Ever wished you could know who else is exploring Celo Academy at the same time as you? Today, we’re excited to announce our new feature, the Who’s Online Plugin. This interactive feature will help you connect with your fellow learners in real-time, fostering a vibrant learning community around Celo and blockchain technology.

Function and Purpose

Our Who’s Online Plugin does exactly what it says - it showcases the list of users currently active on the Celo Academy platform. But why is this useful? Well, with a glance, you can see who’s available to interact, collaborate, and discuss ideas. This fosters real-time collaboration, offers faster help, and promotes a sense of community, enhancing your learning experience significantly.

Integration with Celo Academy

The Who’s Online Plugin aligns perfectly with our goal at Celo Academy: to provide an interactive, engaging, and connected learning environment. As you navigate the platform, you’ll find this feature extremely helpful in understanding the activities of your fellow learners, making collaborative learning easier and more enjoyable.

Use Cases

Picture this: you’re working on a decentralized app and hit a roadblock. With the Who’s Online Plugin, you can instantly see who’s online, potentially someone who has the expertise to help you out. Or, let’s say you want to discuss the latest lesson or start a study group; this feature allows you to see who’s available to join in.

Getting Started

No complicated setups here. As soon as you log into your Celo Academy account, you’ll find an online status indicator on user avatars, showing you who’s online. Engage with them instantly, and make your learning more collaborative.

Technical Requirements

The Who’s Online Plugin is integrated within our platform. You don’t need any additional software, technical prerequisites, or complicated setups. It’s ready to use as soon as you log in.


The Who’s Online Plugin integrates seamlessly with the existing Celo Academy platform, working alongside other features and tools for a comprehensive, user-friendly experience.


Remember, not all users may appear online - some may choose to hide their online status. We respect the privacy of our users. If you prefer to hide your online status, you can easily enable the “hide profile and presence” setting in your account.

Impact on Performance or Efficiency

The Who’s Online Plugin is designed to reflect user status in real-time, thanks to the MessageBus integration. This means you get timely updates, facilitating instant interaction and fostering a vibrant learning environment.


As part of our commitment to making your learning experience on Celo Academy enriching, the Who’s Online Plugin is available to all users at no additional cost.

Future Developments

We’re committed to refining and enhancing your learning experience. The Who’s Online Plugin will continually evolve based on user feedback and technological advancements. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Support and Resources

Need help or have questions about this feature? You can check out the official plugin guide or the repository link. Feel free to raise support, bug, UX, and feature requests on our platform.


With the Who’s Online Plugin, we hope to boost real-time collaboration and make your learning journey at Celo Academy more interactive and engaging. We encourage you to use this feature and share your feedback. Let’s grow and learn together in the vibrant Celo Academy community!


I love this feature, It will increase user engagement and foster collaborations among the users;

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