Embracing Collaboration: Celo Sage's New Community-Driven Proposal Selection Process

Introduction: A Fresh Approach to Proposal Selection at Celo Sage

In our quest to continuously improve and adapt, we’re excited to announce a new approach to selecting proposals at Celo Academy. Instead of relying on a single community member to make these choices, we’re giving the power to our vibrant Celo community. By allowing everyone to vote on proposals, we aim to enhance transparency, involve the community, better meet your needs, accelerate the selection process, and foster a more inclusive learning environment.

The Challenge: An Unsustainable Selection Process

Previously, a Celo Foundation member would review weekly requests and select proposals based on our proposal guidelines. This approach proved to be slow, labor-intensive, and excluded the community from understanding the reasons behind proposal selection. With the increasing number of requests, we recognized the need for a more sustainable and supportive method for our growing community.

The Solution: Empowering the Celo Community through Voting

We’re delighted to introduce our community-driven proposal selection process. From now on, the power to decide which proposals are developed lies in your hands. By proposing new ideas and casting your votes, you’ll shape the learning resources provided by Celo Academy. To learn more about participating in this process, visit our detailed guide linked below.

How to Participate in Our Community-Driven Proposal Voting Process

Managing Proposals in Celo Academy

Moving forward, the management of the selection process will be made using the following considerations:

In order of importance, these considerations include:

  • Prioritizing proposals in the New Request category with the highest number of votes
  • Ensuring proposals adhere to our proposal request guidelines
  • Focusing on proposals from highly engaged community members from the leaderboard
  • Final preference will be given to proposals that have been requested first.

Note: Approximately 10-20 proposals will be approved each week. Given the high volume of requests, you can follow the guidelines above to improve the chance of acceptance for your proposals.

Conclusion: A Brighter Future for Celo Sage, Together

By embracing this new proposal selection process, we’re strengthening our commitment to the Celo Sage community. Your voice and involvement are crucial in shaping the learning experiences we provide. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and ensure that Celo Sage continues to flourish as a hub for shared knowledge and growth. Happy voting!