Engineering a Celo-Powered Crowdlending Network using Solidity and React

This in-depth course covers the creation of smart contracts in great detail, including loan applications, approvals, and payback tracking. A thorough explanation of how to create smart contracts for loan applications, approvals, and repayment tracking is provided in this in-depth tutorial. You will have the knowledge necessary to design a blockchain-based lending platform on Celo that promotes financial inclusion and empowerment by the time you finish this tutorial.

Topic outline:
I. Introduction

  • Overview of Crowdlending Networks on Celo
  • Loan Application Process

II. Creating Loan Request Structures

  • Validation and Verification of Borrower Information
  • Collateral Management and Evaluation

A. Loan Approval and Fund Disbursement

  1. Smart Contract Design for Loan Approval Process
  2. Escrow Mechanisms for Fund Disbursement
  3. Automated Collateral Locking and Release

B. Repayment Tracking and Management

  1. Establishing Repayment Schedules
  2. Implementing Payment Tracking and Verification
  3. Penalty and Late Payment Handling

III. Building the Crowdlending Platform with React
A. User Interfaces for Borrowers

  1. Designing a Seamless Loan Application Interface
  2. Tracking Loan Status and Updates
  3. Managing Repayment Plans

B. User Interfaces for Lenders

  1. Loan Listing and Investment Interface
  2. Monitoring Loan Performance and Returns
  3. Managing Loan Portfolio

C. Integration with Celo Blockchain

  1. Interacting with Smart Contracts using Web3.js
  2. Handling Transactions and Events
  3. Ensuring Data Consistency and Security

IV. Enhancing Financial Inclusivity through Crowdlending

  • Empowering Borrowers with Access to Credit
  • Encouraging Lenders to Support Small-scale Borrowers
  • Transparency and Accountability in Loan Processes

You will acquire the skills required to construct a Celo-powered crowdlending network by following this course, which focuses on leveraging Solidity for smart contract programming and React for frontend implementation. By utilizing the strength of these coding frameworks and tools, one can promote financial inclusion and give power to both borrowers and lenders.
You will have the knowledge required to create a blockchain-based lending platform on Celo that encourages empowerment and financial inclusion at the end of this course.

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Engineering a Celo-Powered Crowdlending Network using Solidity and React


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