Engineering for Purpose


The transcript is from a live event on YouTube organized by the Society of Women Engineers, Graduate division at UCLA. The event aims to empower and increase diversity in engineering, particularly among women. The co-president of UCLA Brad Sweet introduces the organization and encourages graduate engineering students to apply for scholarships specifically designed for them.

Personal Journey and Finding Purpose

The co-president shares her personal journey, starting as an athlete and then transitioning to triathlon after an injury. She realized that athletics alone didn’t fulfill her desire to help others and teach. Eventually, she discovered a company called Silom, which aligns with her values and aims to create a more prosperous world through principles such as natural capital-backed currency and universal basic income.

From MIT to C Labs

Another speaker, a Sweet alum from MIT, talks about her journey and how she joined C Labs, a company working in the blockchain space. She highlights the opportunity to work with teams, inspire others, and solve big problems. Despite the challenges of learning blockchain, she finds fulfillment in pushing herself beyond her comfort zone.

Career Opportunities Beyond Engineering

The participants discuss career opportunities beyond engineering. They mention that there are numerous opportunities within the blockchain industry, from marketing and community building to understanding user needs and making a positive impact. They emphasize that passion and the desire to do good are more important than prior blockchain experience.

Incentives and Circulation in the Cella Ecosystem

The discussion shifts to the Cella ecosystem and the various incentives for participants. They highlight the interplay between different aspects of the technology, such as chain reserves and stable value assets. The goal is to create a system where everyone involved is incentivized and working towards a shared mission of creating a more accessible and sound currency.

Balancing Work and Personal Growth

The speakers discuss the challenges of balancing work and personal growth, especially in fast-paced environments. They emphasize the need to be deliberate about creating space for personal development and finding productive work patterns. They also highlight the importance of collaboration and welcoming others to join in the mission of serving the underserved.


The event concludes with gratitude for the opportunity to discuss engineering for purpose and the shared mission of creating a better world. The participants express their commitment to continue pushing boundaries, learning, and tackling the challenges ahead.