Establishing a Framework for Supporting Projects from the Celo Ecosystem

Hello everyone,

We have recently had an exciting opportunity arise that involves creating a decentralized application (dApp) on the Celo platform for Tree Poet (Tree Poetry NFT Collection Dapp), an innovative NFT collection initiative. This represents a significant step towards fostering an even more dynamic and inclusive community environment.

While we are excited about this and future collaborations, we recognize the need for a systematic approach to manage and support such projects. As of now, we lack a structured process for such collaborations, which is critical to ensure a successful and efficient outcome.

Therefore, we invite you to a discussion to help us shape a process that is transparent, inclusive, and beneficial to all parties involved. Below are a few guiding questions to kickstart our dialogue:

  1. Project Evaluation: How can we fairly and effectively evaluate incoming projects from the Celo Ecosystem? What criteria should we consider?
  2. Resource Allocation: How should we decide on the amount of resources (time, work, finances) to allocate to each project?
  3. Communication and Coordination: What would an efficient communication process look like? How can we ensure that both the project’s team and our community are kept informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle?
  4. Technical Support: How do we ensure we have the necessary technical skills and knowledge to support these projects? How can we facilitate knowledge sharing between the project teams and our community?
  5. Post-Project Evaluation: How can we effectively analyze the success of a project post-completion? What lessons learned can we identify and how can we apply these for future projects?

Your insights, suggestions, and perspectives are invaluable to us, and we appreciate your active participation in this discussion. This is an important step towards achieving our goal of supporting and enhancing the Celo Ecosystem and our community.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful contributions.

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For project evaluation- I think we can have criteria like
-Is it is helping the celo ecosystem
-Is a topic new in celo sage collection of articles

Resource allocation-
Time frame should be not more than 2 weeks after a writer is assigned
Finance-If collaborator is giving finance , we will make it clear to the author working on that
if we are supposed to pay the same which we are giving.

Communication and co-ordination, a temporary channel on discord can be used where author, moderator and any guy from collaborator’s side, can discuss and can be in loop

Technical support -for technical support , I would like to give this responsibility to our celo ambassador

Post project evaluation- I think we can see the factors like, an article bringing more developers in community, and in what ways it was able to give an opportunity to learn new technology with collaborations.

According to me collaborations can bring superficial outcomes in a form of growth, and I think this will help us to grow as an individual and as a community too