Final Recap | Celo Connect Salon at EthCC 2022


This tutorial provides a final recap of the Celo Connect Salon event that took place at EthCC 2022. The event brought together blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and industry experts to explore the potential of the Celo platform. This tutorial highlights the key moments and takeaways from the event.

Opening and Welcome

The event kicked off with an energetic opening, accompanied by music and applause. The organizers welcomed the attendees and expressed their excitement about the upcoming sessions. The participants were introduced to the Celo Connect Salon’s objective, which aimed to foster collaboration and innovation within the blockchain community.

Panel Discussions

Several panel discussions were held during the event, covering a range of topics related to Celo and its ecosystem. Here are some notable discussions:

Panel 1: Exploring Celo’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Landscape

This panel focused on Celo’s role in the decentralized finance space. Industry experts discussed the various DeFi applications built on the Celo platform and highlighted the advantages and challenges of using Celo for financial services.

Panel 2: NFTs and Celo’s Artistic Community

The second panel centered around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their integration with the Celo network. Artists and technologists shared their experiences and insights into leveraging Celo for creating, selling, and trading digital artwork.

Panel 3: Celo’s Impact on Financial Inclusion

In this panel, the discussion revolved around Celo’s mission to promote financial inclusion worldwide. Speakers highlighted the unique features of Celo, such as its mobile-first approach and stablecoin, and how they enable greater accessibility to financial services in underserved communities.

Workshops and Demos

Apart from panel discussions, the Celo Connect Salon also featured interactive workshops and live demos. Participants had the opportunity to learn hands-on skills and explore the Celo platform through the following sessions:

Workshop 1: Building Decentralized Applications (DApps) on Celo

This workshop provided a step-by-step guide to building decentralized applications on the Celo platform. Participants learned about smart contracts, the Celo SDK, and the development tools available to create their own DApps.

Workshop 2: Celo Wallet and Transactions

In this workshop, attendees were introduced to the Celo wallet and its functionalities. They learned how to set up a Celo wallet, make transactions, and interact with different Celo-based applications.

Demo: Celo’s Governance and Voting Mechanisms

The demo session showcased Celo’s governance and voting mechanisms in action. Participants witnessed how the Celo community can propose and vote on protocol upgrades and changes, emphasizing the platform’s decentralized decision-making process.


The Celo Connect Salon at EthCC 2022 provided a platform for blockchain enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of the Celo platform. Through panel discussions, workshops, and demos, participants gained valuable insights into Celo’s decentralized finance landscape, NFT integration, and its impact on financial inclusion. The event fostered collaboration and innovation within the blockchain community, paving the way for future advancements in the Celo ecosystem.