From Proposal to Publishing: How to manage your Celo Academy Proposal


Starting on the path of blockchain innovation with Celo Academy starts once your proposal is accepted. This guide will assist you on how to navigate your project phases and effectively manage your proposal’s status and composition.

Before Getting Started

This process assumes you’ve read and understand Celo Academy’s Community-Driven Proposal Selection Process and have an accepted proposal to begin working on.

Kickstarting Your Approved Proposal

Your accepted proposal will initially appear in the Proposals > Todo category. Throughout your project, your initial proposal acts as a command center, and you’ll use this to manage all of the project creation and status changes along the way.

Verify Proposal Ownership

Check that you’re the proposal owner. If not, reach out on the #celo-sage discourse channel with your proposal link, and we’ll assign it to you.

Managing Your Project Status

You’ll be managing your project status, moving it from one stage to the next, to reflect your progress.

Key steps

  • Open your proposal and click the pencil icon next to the title to edit the category.

  • Shift the category from Todo to In Progress and select the check mark to save the status as you begin work.

  • Upon completion, update the category from In Progress to Review and select the check mark to save the status. Here, a reviewer will pick up your proposal for evaluation and feedback.

  • Once approved by your reviewer, they will move your proposal to the Tutorial category where it will be available for the Celo developer community.

Note: We are removing the Publish category and it will no longer be used moving forward.

Managing Your Content

Your content will go through several revisions and updates.

Key steps

  • To make updates, select the pencil icon located at either the top or bottom of the post.

  • You can view all previous versions of your post and start editing by clicking the EDIT POST button.

  • You can use any editor of your choice or work directly within the post itself.

  • Once you’re satisfied with your edits, click on save edit to update your proposal.

Additional Resources

Celo Academy is hosted on Discourse, an open-source community management platform. For more information on working with Discourse, view the Discourse New User Guide.