Game On! Climb the Leaderboard with Celo Academy's New Gamification Feature


We are excited to introduce a new gamification feature on Celo Academy: the Community Leaderboard! This feature aims to make your participation within our community more engaging, interactive, and yes, a little competitive.

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Function and Purpose

The Community Leaderboard rewards active participation within the Celo Academy community. With this new feature, your interactions on the platform – from creating posts, liking content, and reading posts to inviting new users – earn you points, or “cheers.” This system is designed to create a fun and dynamic environment where your contributions are valued and recognized.

Scorable Categories Score Value Description
Like Received 1 The cheer awarded when a user receives a like
Like Given 1 The cheer awarded for every like a user gives
Solution 10 The cheer awarded when a user’s post is marked as a solution
User Invited 10 The cheer awarded when a user has an invite redeemed
Time Read 1 The cheer awarded for every hour of time spent reading
Post Read 1 The cheer awarded for every one hundred posts a user reads
Topic Created 5 The cheer awarded when a user creates a topic
Post Created 2 The cheer awarded when a user creates a post
Flag Created 10 The cheer awarded when a user flags a post and that flag is accepted by staff
Day Visited 1 The cheer awarded for every day a user visits the site

Integration with Celo Academy

Aligned with Celo Academy’s mission to encourage collaborative learning, this leaderboard feature integrates seamlessly with our platform. It enhances the user experience by adding a new layer of interaction and reward to your usual activities, fostering an engaging and vibrant community.

Use Cases

Imagine posting an insightful question or contribution to a discussion. As other members find your content helpful and ‘like’ it, you’re not just gaining appreciation but also points that move you up the leaderboard. It’s about learning, sharing, and also a friendly competition to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

Technical Requirements

You don’t need any specific technical knowledge to enjoy this feature. Simply continue participating in the Celo Academy community as usual, and the system will automatically track your points.


This feature works seamlessly with all the existing resources and tools within the Celo Academy community. Regardless of your preferred learning modules or discussion spaces, the leaderboard enhances your community experience.


The gamification system is designed to reward genuine contributions. It’s important to keep interactions meaningful and avoid participating solely for the sake of earning points. Over time, the algorithm might be tweaked to ensure fair and productive gaming.

Impact on Performance or Efficiency

This feature not only makes your participation in the community more enjoyable but also enhances the quality of interactions. As more users engage to climb up the leaderboard, the sharing of ideas, solutions, and experiences within the community increases, enriching the overall learning environment.


The leaderboard feature comes at no additional cost to you. It’s a part of our effort to provide an enriching and engaging experience for all users.

Future Developments

We plan to refine this feature based on your feedback. Future enhancements could include new activities that earn you points and periodic contests or challenges to spice up the leaderboard race.

Support and Resources

Need any help or have a suggestion about the leaderboard feature? Feel free to reach out to our support team. They’ll be happy to assist.


The new leaderboard feature brings an engaging dimension to your learning journey at Celo Academy. It makes participation fun and rewarding, and it’s a great way to acknowledge the most active and helpful members of our community. So go ahead, share your ideas, ask questions, help others, and enjoy the friendly competition. We can’t wait to see you on the leaderboard!