Get familiar with Celo academy faster

Since Celo Academy is supposed to be with us Celo Sages maybe long-term, I suggest we give a tour of the features of Celo Academy and the parts we understand each like in a tutorial form with small rewards attached. I believe some of us have gotten a hold of some features like writing tutorials, some proposals, some transitioning from in progress to review, and much more.
This will expedite our understanding of Celo Academy and the incredible projects that @Joenyzio and the team have been working on.

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Hey @ngideon538 - I love this idea! Over the next 1-2 weeks there will still be a number of changes the affect the organization and experience of the Academy. I’d like to get those settled first so that the info we make for this is more up to date. In the mean time, if you have ideas for the types of topics we should cover for onboarding they’d be great to hear :slight_smile:


I second this idea.

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