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Welcome to the ‘Code Contributions’ section of Celo Academy, your portal for discovering, understanding, and contributing to the wide-ranging projects, tutorials, code challenges, and hackathons within the Celo Academy ecosystem.

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Here’s what you’ll find in this section:

Find New Repositories

Immerse yourself in our code repositories, which are home to tutorials, code challenges, hackathons, and various other projects. These guides unravel the technical intricacies, usages, and advantages of engaging with different parts of the Celo Academy codebase.

Explore GitHub Updates

The Code Contributions section provides updates and keeps track of all the code repositories on our GitHub. This feature allows developers to follow the latest advancements and get inspiration from other people’s work. By contributing to these repositories, you not only provide valuable insights but also enhance the overall development of the Celo community.

Climb the Leaderboard

Moreover, to encourage and acknowledge your efforts, all contributions are tallied on our leaderboard. This ranking system allows you to earn recognition based on your valuable contributions. As new rewards become available, your contributions make you eligible to earn them, providing you with additional motivation to engage more actively.

Build your Reputation

Your contributions here are not just beneficial to the community, but they also help you in building your reputation in the Celo and the wider web3 ecosystem. All the contributions are tracked in the Electric Capital Report, which ensures visibility of your work to a broader audience.


By immersing yourself in the ‘Code Contributions’ section of Celo Academy, you’ll gain a more profound understanding of the Celo Academy’s coding landscape. This knowledge will not only empower you to better leverage the platform’s capabilities but also enhance your reputation within Celo and the broader web3 ecosystem. Remember, all contributions are tracked on our leaderboard and in the Electric Capital Report, making you eligible for exciting rewards.

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