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Welcome to the ‘Contributor’ section of Celo Academy. This area has been specifically designed to engage, guide, and empower those who wish to actively contribute to the Celo ecosystem. Whether you’re contributing code, proposing new features, moderating discussions, or participating in our Sage Program, this section will provide all the information, resources, and support you need.

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This section consists of several distinct categories:

How to Contribute

In the ‘How to Contribute’ subsection, you’ll find comprehensive guidelines on the different ways you can contribute to the Celo ecosystem. This includes contributing code, creating content, providing feedback, and more. These guidelines will help you understand the processes, norms, and best practices of contributing to Celo.

Contributor Directory

The Contributor Directory connects you to the vibrant, global community of Celo contributors. It’s a place to network, collaborate, and learn from fellow contributors who are helping shape the Celo platform and its community.

Moderation Guides

The Moderation Guides provide clear instructions and best practices for those interested in contributing as community moderators. These guides ensure that our community remains a safe, respectful, and productive environment for all its members.

Sage Program

Learn about our Sage Program, a unique initiative designed to recognize and engage the most active, knowledgeable, and dedicated members of the Celo community. This program provides opportunities for contributors to take on leadership roles, mentor other members, and have a significant impact on the Celo ecosystem.

Discussion Forum

In the Discussion Forum, you can participate in ongoing discussions, share your ideas, ask questions, and engage with other contributors. This forum is a great place to learn from others, share your expertise, and contribute to the collective knowledge of the Celo community.

Recognition & Rewards

Our Recognition & Rewards section outlines the various ways in which we appreciate and incentivize contributions to the Celo platform. From feature acknowledgments to special rewards, we believe in acknowledging every effort that helps make Celo better.

FAQs & Help Docs

The FAQs & Help Docs provide quick answers to common questions about contributing to Celo. From how to get started to troubleshooting common issues, these documents are here to help you navigate your journey as a Celo contributor.

Strategy & Roadmap

Stay informed about the direction of the Celo platform and community in the Strategy & Roadmap section. Understanding our strategic objectives and future plans can guide your contributions and help align them with the broader goals of the Celo ecosystem.


The ‘Contributor’ section is your guide and companion in your journey as a Celo contributor. By utilizing these resources and actively participating in the community, you can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Celo platform. We look forward to seeing your contributions to our thriving ecosystem.