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The ‘Strategy & Roadmap’ section of Celo Academy offers you a comprehensive overview of our vision, strategic milestones, and plans for the future. It’s a resource designed to provide a clear path forward and offers insights into the broader goals of the Celo ecosystem.

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In this section, you’ll find:

Our Vision

The guiding principles and objectives driving the Celo platform. This includes our commitment to creating a globally accessible financial system, our emphasis on community involvement, and our dedication to fostering an environment of learning and innovation.


Details about our strategic plans for technology development, community growth, and platform evolution. Understanding these strategies can guide your contributions and ensure alignment with Celo’s overall objectives.


An outline of our plans for the future, with key milestones and targets that we aim to achieve. This roadmap provides a sense of direction and highlights the areas where your contributions can have the most impact.


By staying informed and aligning your efforts with the Strategy & Roadmap, you’ll be a part of the exciting journey ahead, contributing to the evolution of Celo and the prosperity of our global community.

Join us as we chart the path forward in making financial tools universally accessible.

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