Getting Started with Certifications


Welcome to the Certifications Overview page. Here you will find comprehensive information about the types of certifications you can earn by participating and completing projects within the Celo ecosystem.

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What are Certifications?

Certifications are recognitions you earn after successfully completing various projects within the Celo ecosystem. These certifications represent different areas of expertise such as blockchain development, digital currencies, and more. They validate your skills and knowledge gained throughout your learning journey with Celo, acting as a testament to your accomplishments.

Why Earn Certifications?

  • Showcase Your Skills: These certifications enable you to exhibit your abilities and understanding in the world of blockchain technology, thereby enhancing your professional portfolio.

  • Career Boost: In the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, having verified credentials can significantly boost your career prospects by setting you apart in the competitive job market.

  • Track Your Progress: Earning certificates can help you monitor your progress as you continue your learning journey. They act as milestones, demonstrating how far you have come and what you have achieved.

  • Credibility: Certifications provide a level of credibility to your skills and understanding, signifying your commitment to continuous learning and development in the blockchain sector.

Types of Certifications

We offer a variety of certifications within the Celo ecosystem, tailored to different areas of knowledge and skillsets. Notably, our expanding collecting of certifications will include the following.

  • Programming Languages: For those looking to enhance their coding skills, we offer certifications in Solidity, JavaScript, and Python, among others.

  • Development Frameworks: We provide certifications for popular development frameworks like React and Angular, enabling developers to create high-quality applications with ease and efficiency.

  • Blockchain Tooling: For those eager to master blockchain tooling, we offer certifications in Hardhat, Truffle, Celo tools, Remix, and others.

  • Industry-Specific Certifications: We cater to various industries such as gaming, supply chain management, and more, by offering specialized certifications that can enhance one’s professional credentials within those industries.

  • Decentralized Applications (DApps) Development: This certification is for developers interested in building innovative decentralized applications within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Smart Contracts: These certifications delve into the complex world of smart contracts, providing an in-depth understanding of their development and deployment.

The potential for blockchain technology is vast, and as we explore more facets of this revolutionary field, we look forward to introducing even more diverse and comprehensive certifications. We’re committed to enhancing your learning experience and equipping you with the necessary skills to thrive in the blockchain world.

How to Earn Certifications?

Earning certifications is a matter of completing relevant projects successfully within the Celo ecosystem. As you proceed with your learning journey, completing projects and meeting the requirements will lead you to earn certifications. More information is provided within the specific requirements of each certification.


In this fast-paced digital age, staying relevant and competitive is key. Our certifications are aimed at equipping you with the required skills and knowledge to excel in the blockchain space, bringing you a step closer to achieving your career aspirations. Continue your learning journey with Celo and let your achievements speak for themselves!

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