Getting Started with Proposals


Welcome to the ‘Project Management’ section of Celo Academy. Here, you’ll find a system designed to streamline your workflow as you engage with Celo development projects. This section facilitates organized, efficient progression of your projects, whether you’re developing new features, addressing issues, or collaborating with other developers.

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This section comprises several clearly defined categories:

New Requests

This subsection is where new project ideas or feature requests are initially posted. This could include anything from new dApp ideas to enhancement requests for the Celo platform. By browsing through these requests, you can discover the latest proposed projects and decide where you might like to contribute.

Getting Started with New Requests


Projects that have been approved and are ready to start are moved to the ‘Todo’ category. This is your to-do list of sorts, where you’ll find projects that need your skills and expertise. You can pick projects that align with your interests and capabilities.

Getting Started with Todo

In Progress

Once you start working on a project, it moves into the ‘In Progress’ section. This helps keep track of what you’re currently working on and allows others to see what projects are being developed. It fosters transparency and helps avoid duplication of efforts.

Getting Started with In Progress


When you’ve completed a project or reached a significant milestone, your work moves into the ‘Review’ stage. Here, other developers and team members can review your work, provide constructive feedback, and suggest improvements, ensuring the highest quality before finalization.

Getting Started with Review


Once a project has passed the review stage, it’s ready to be ‘Published.’ Publishing involves releasing the project to the public, integrating it into the existing system, or making it available for end users. Projects in this category represent the final, polished product of your hard work and skills.

Getting Started with Publish


After a project has been published, it moves into the ‘Archived’ section. This section stores all completed projects, maintaining a history of what has been accomplished. It’s a place for reflection and can also provide insights for future projects.

Getting Started with Archived


In conclusion, the ‘Project Management’ section of Celo Academy provides a clear, effective, and efficient way to manage your development work within the Celo ecosystem. It ensures everyone stays on the same page and helps streamline the development process from the initial idea to the final product. By understanding and utilizing this system, you can ensure a smooth development journey at Celo Academy.

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