Getting Started with Publish


Welcome to the ‘Publish’ section of our proposals – the stage where completed and approved projects come to life.

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In this section:

Project Completion

A project arrives at the ‘Publish’ section after successfully navigating the ‘Review’ stage. At this point, all feedback has been incorporated, and the project has been fine-tuned to meet the highest standards of quality and usefulness within the Celo ecosystem.


Here, projects are readied for public release. Depending on the nature of the project, this may involve a wide range of actions – from integrating into existing systems, launching as a new tool or feature, or making available for public download or use.

Showcasing Achievements

The ‘Publish’ section serves as a showcase of the tangible results of your dedication, skills, and creativity. It’s a testament to your contribution to the community and the positive impact of your work.

Transparency and Visibility

Published projects are made visible to the entire Celo community. This openness is key to Celo’s collaborative ethos and enables all members to learn from, utilize, and build upon your work. It also allows for ongoing feedback and continuous improvement.

Continued Engagement

Even after a project is published, the journey doesn’t end. The ‘Publish’ section is a dynamic space that encourages ongoing engagement – whether it’s iterating on projects based on user feedback, troubleshooting issues, or brainstorming and initiating new improvements.

Inspiration for the Community

Finally, the ‘Publish’ section serves as a source of inspiration and a benchmark for quality within the community. By highlighting what’s possible within the Celo ecosystem, it motivates other community members to kick-start their proposals and contribute their unique skills.


In essence, the ‘Publish’ section encapsulates the vibrant spirit of the Celo community – it’s where innovation meets execution, and where collective efforts are realized in service of Celo’s mission of prosperity for all.

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