Getting Started with Review


The ‘Review’ section is a collaborative space within the Celo community designed to facilitate peer review, quality assurance, and continuous improvement of projects.

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Here’s what you can expect in this section:

Peer Review

Once a project or a significant milestone is completed, it transitions into the ‘Review’ stage. This stage is a space for other community members, developers, and team members to critically evaluate the work.

Quality Assurance

Feedback from a diverse range of community members ensures that the work aligns with our community standards and expectations, ensuring only the highest quality projects are completed. This process supports our commitment to maintaining Celo’s reputation for excellence.

Continuous Improvement

Review isn’t just about ensuring quality; it’s also about learning and improving. Feedback and suggestions are not just for the project at hand but also serve to enhance the skills and knowledge of the contributor.


The review process fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual support within the Celo community. Reviewers can provide insightful suggestions, share their expertise, and contributors can incorporate valuable feedback into their work.


Once the review process is complete, and any necessary changes have been made, the project can be marked as completed. This marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another!


The ‘Review’ section underscores the Celo community’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and continuous learning. It is not just about refining projects but also about refining ourselves as contributors to this vibrant ecosystem.

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