Governance Call 10

This provides a summary of the “Governance Call 10” transcript. The call covers various topics related to the governance process and updates within the Stellar ecosystem. Below are the main subheadings and key points discussed during the call.


The call begins with a brief introduction to the purpose of the call, which is the 10th Cellular Governance Call. The agenda items for the call are outlined, including updates on the Stellar Core contract, transition to the Governor’s repo, and the approval process for governance proposals.

Updates on Stellar Core Contract

The discussion starts with an update on the Stellar Core contract. The authors of the proposal are not present, so it is decided to skip discussing it for the time being.

Transition to Governor’s Repo

The focus then shifts to the transition to the Governor’s repo. The transition has been made, and all the CVPs (Cellular Voting Proposals) have been moved to the new repo. A new CVP template has been introduced, simplifying the process and making it easier to scrape and view specifications.

Update on Documentation and Meeting Notes

The call participants discuss the update on documentation and meeting notes. The README file will be updated to include links to meeting notes, agenda, and recorded videos. This will provide better accessibility and organization of information for the community.

Process for Becoming an Editor

The process for becoming an editor is briefly explained. The community is encouraged to become editors by following a straightforward procedure. Editors have merge rights over the repo and play a crucial role in reviewing and approving proposals.

Approval Process and Approver List

The concept of the approval process and the approver list is introduced. The approver list consists of members of a 3-of-9 multisig, which helps ensure the security and integrity of the governance process. The transparency and coordination around the approver list are discussed, with the aim of making it more transparent and accessible to the community.

Security Concerns and Transparency

The participants address security concerns related to the transparency of the approver list. While some individuals may prefer privacy, transparency is essential for accountability and coordination. The balance between transparency and security is discussed, and the potential for future improvements, such as creating a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), is mentioned.

Future Steps and Deployment

The future steps for the approval process and governance are outlined. It is suggested to start by making the multisig transparent and documenting the current members. Further discussions and brainstorming can determine the best approach, including potentially deploying a DAO. Collaboration with the Dow House team is mentioned to facilitate the deployment of DAOs on Celo.


The call concludes with gratitude for the participants’ attendance and an invitation to future governance calls. Updates on proposals, the new process, and audit results will be shared in upcoming calls. The importance of communication and collaboration within the Stellar community is emphasized.