Governance Call 9


Welcome to another Solo Governance Call! In this tutorial, we will provide a summary of the ninth Governance Call, highlighting the key agenda items and discussions. The call covers various topics related to governance processes, repositories, and specific proposals. We’ll walk you through the main points discussed during the call.

Agenda Overview

The call’s agenda is packed with important topics to address. Here’s a brief overview of the items discussed:

New Governance Process Proposal

The call begins with a presentation of a new governance process proposal. The proposal suggests creating a new repository on GitHub dedicated to governance. The document presented during the call will serve as the documentation within this repository. The community is encouraged to review the document, provide feedback, and offer suggestions. The proposal aims to establish a clear governance process and encourage proposal creators to interact with the community for feedback and improvements before submitting their proposals.

Introduction of New CVP Editors

During the call, the introduction of new CVP (Community Voting Power) editors is discussed. The editors will be responsible for managing the community’s voting power and ensuring a fair and transparent voting process. The community is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new editors and engage with them for any voting-related inquiries.

Discussion of CPP33 through 36

The call proceeds with a discussion led by Toby on CPP33 through 36. These proposals address various aspects of the protocol, such as dynamic adjustment of voting rewards, optimal amount of locked sellers, and validator rewards. The details of each proposal are covered, including their objectives, potential effects, and counterarguments. Feedback and opinions from the community are encouraged to further refine the proposals.

Stellar Core Contract and Silly Spy

If time permits, the call covers the Stellar Core contract and Silly Spy. These topics are briefly mentioned, and further discussion is anticipated in future governance calls.

Governance of the Burger List

The final item on the agenda is a review of the governance of the Burger List. The importance of clear naming conventions and the distinction between different community funds are emphasized. The community is encouraged to provide input on renaming and improving the governance of the Burger List.

Conclusion and Volunteer Call

To conclude the call, volunteers are sought to review specific sections of the presented documentation. The feedback and insights of individuals experienced in governance processes are highly valued. Participants are invited to provide their feedback and suggestions on the document to ensure its accuracy and effectiveness.

Final Remarks

The Governance Call 9 covered a wide range of topics related to governance processes, repository creation, and specific proposals. Participants engaged in discussions, provided feedback, and highlighted potential areas of improvement. The community’s involvement and contribution play a crucial role in shaping the governance of the project.

Please note that this tutorial provides a condensed summary of the Governance C