HBD Celo: One Year of Mainnet and Looking Ahead


In this video, we will explore the highlights and achievements of Celo, a blockchain network, on its one-year anniversary since the launch of its mainnet. We’ll also discuss the future plans and developments for the Celo network. Let’s dive into the journey and milestones of Celo over the past year.

The Launch and Milestones

The launch of the Celo network was celebrated one year ago, marking a significant milestone for the community. The network has achieved remarkable results with 365 epochs, 17,280 blocks per epoch, and a total of 6.3 million validated blocks without any downtime. This accomplishment is credited to the node operators and core developers who have continuously improved the network’s security and throughput.

Reflecting on the Progress

Taking a moment to reflect, we observe the tremendous progress made by the Celo network and its community. The network was established by community validators who set up their nodes with the genesis block independently. This decentralized approach sets Celo apart from many other proof-of-stake networks. The launch day was intense, but the first block was successfully produced and validated, signaling the network’s birth.

Growth and Achievements

Over the past year, Celo has witnessed substantial growth and notable achievements. With over 500,000 addresses and five million transactions, the network has experienced a surge in adoption. The amount of staked assets securing the network briefly surpassed two billion dollars, emphasizing its robustness. The launch of Celo Dollars (cUSD), an algorithmic stablecoin, was another significant development, gaining recognition on CoinMarketCap.

Innovations and Community Contributions

The Celo ecosystem has been buzzing with innovations and community contributions. Various projects, such as Mento and UberSwap, have gained traction, providing users with new experiences and opportunities. The introduction of Optics, a gas-efficient interoperability standard for cross-chain communication, further enhances Celo’s ecosystem. These advancements demonstrate the commitment of the Celo community to building a vibrant and diverse ecosystem.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Celo has exciting plans to address scalability and enhance user experience. The team aims to develop a smart contract-based wallet that supports account recovery, eliminating the need for seed phrases. They also plan to expand language support and educational content to empower developers. Additionally, Celo recognizes the demand for mobile DeFi options and is exploring options for native cash in and out experiences.

Developer-Focused Initiatives

Celo is dedicated to supporting developers and making the network the preferred choice for building Web3 products. The upcoming support for WalletConnect on Velora, Celo’s mobile wallet, will enable seamless integration with decentralized applications (dApps). The team is actively working on scaling solutions to meet increased demand and increase the throughput of the Celo blockchain.


The one-year anniversary of the Celo mainnet marks a significant milestone in the network’s journey. The achievements and growth experienced by Celo in the past year showcase the dedication of the community and the potential of the network. As Celo moves forward, it aims to overcome scalability challenges, enhance user experience, and empower developers to build innovative applications on its blockchain. Exciting times lie ahead for Celo and its vibrant ecosystem.