How Celo is Addressing Real World Problems


The transcript discusses a session about solving real-world problems with Celo, a blockchain platform. The session is being recorded and can be found on the GetCoinMedia YouTube channel. Questions can be asked in the Q&A section or the chat. The conversation is led by Marco and Anna, who introduce themselves and their companies.

Leveraging Celo for Machine Learning and Payments

Anna, the founder of Corsali (formerly known as Toca), explains how their machine intelligence company utilizes Celo as an international payment system. They employ individuals in emerging markets to label data for machine learning tasks. Workers receive streaming payments in real-time as they complete tasks such as categorizing images. Corsali exemplifies the use of Celo for efficient and instant payments.

Decentralizing Poverty Systems with Impact Market

Marco from Impact Market shares their goal of decentralizing poverty systems using Celo. Their initiative, called “UBI” (Unconditional Basic Income), provides free money to individuals in challenging places worldwide. By utilizing Celo, Impact Market aims to bring anti-poverty mechanisms to areas that are often overlooked. They prioritize transparency and aim to eliminate corruption or intermediaries in philanthropic endeavors.

Addressing Data Labeling Challenges with Celo

Both Anna and Marco discuss how their previous startup experiences led them to identify the challenges of data labeling and poverty alleviation. Celo’s affordability and the ability to process a large number of transactions make it ideal for their respective projects. They believe that blockchain technology, combined with direct peer-to-peer transactions, can eliminate intermediaries and ensure funds reach the intended recipients.

Enabling Financial Inclusion and Crypto Adoption

The speakers express their interest in creating more tools to facilitate crypto adoption and financial management. They highlight the need for easier crypto accounting, as traditional accountants often struggle with crypto-related transactions. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of identity and fraud prevention solutions in developing countries. The goal is to provide financial services and tools that are accessible to everyone, without relying on traditional systems.

Positive Behavioral Changes and Economic Impact

Anna and Marco observe positive behavioral changes in the communities they serve. As more people join initiatives like UBI, the dynamics shift. Initially, individuals tend to cash out immediately, but as the community grows, they start holding Celo dollars and engaging in more frequent transactions. This increased economic activity benefits local merchants and fosters greater adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Overcoming Accessibility Challenges and Improving Security

The transcript mentions the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, such as visual impairments, in adopting technology. However, the speakers highlight partnerships with data annotation providers, such as Appen, that allow individuals to work on mobile phones, leveraging their familiarity and ease of use. They also discuss the importance of secure key management and the potential for social sharing of recovery methods to enhance security and accessibility.

Conclusion and Call to Action

In the closing remarks, the speakers express their appreciation for engineers and encourage them to get involved in their projects. Anna invites engineers to reach out to Corsali, while Marco emphasizes the importance of creating simple job opportunities for individuals to improve their lives. The session concludes with an appreciation for the work being done and an encouragement for participants to be inspired by the solutions being developed on the Celo platform.

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