How Celo Partners with Cinch | Nanyuki Kenya


In this tutorial, we will explore the partnership between Celo and Cinch in Nanyuki, Kenya. Celo is a foundation behind the Celo blockchain, which is a layer one blockchain protocol that focuses on stablecoin assets. Celo has a mobile-first approach and actively works in emerging markets. The collaboration in Kenya aims to implement a project on DeFi-enabled mobile lending with partners such as Mula Market, Cinch, Mercy Corp, and Katanipe.

Celo Foundation and Celo Blockchain

The Celo Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the development and growth of the Celo blockchain. The Celo blockchain is a layer one protocol that enables the creation and transfer of stablecoin assets. With a mobile-first focus, Celo aims to provide accessible financial services to underserved communities in emerging markets.

Cinch: Bringing Commercial Agriculture to Smallholder Farmers

Cinch is a land management enterprise that strives to bring the economics of commercial agriculture to smallholder farmers. Their goal is to create an inclusive model of commercial farming by aggregating land from multiple smallholder farmers. Cinch then invests in and bears the risk of growing high-value crops on the aggregated land. They have been operating for approximately two years and have achieved positive cash flow. Their success demonstrates exciting proof points that can enable scaling and help thousands, or even millions, of people develop more productive and reliable incomes.

Collaboration in Nanyuki, Kenya

Celo and Cinch have partnered in Nanyuki, Kenya, to leverage their respective expertise and create positive social impact. The collaboration focuses on implementing a project that combines decentralized finance (DeFi) and mobile lending. The aim is to empower individuals in the local community by providing them with access to financial services through their mobile devices. By leveraging the Celo blockchain’s capabilities and Cinch’s knowledge of the local agricultural landscape, the project aims to drive economic growth and improve livelihoods.

Partnerships for Success

The success of this initiative relies on strong partnerships between Celo, Cinch, Mula Market, Mercy Corp, and Katanipe. Mula Market is likely another partner involved in the project, contributing their expertise in financial services and marketplaces. Mercy Corp and Katanipe, both renowned organizations in the development and humanitarian sectors, are also collaborating to ensure the project’s success. By combining the strengths and resources of each partner, the project can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals in Nanyuki, Kenya.


The partnership between Celo and Cinch in Nanyuki, Kenya, brings together the power of blockchain technology and agricultural expertise to create positive change. By leveraging the Celo blockchain’s mobile-first approach and stablecoin assets, along with Cinch’s inclusive model of commercial farming, the collaboration aims to improve livelihoods and drive economic growth. Through the integration of DeFi and mobile lending, the project aims to empower individuals in the local community by providing access to financial services. With strong partnerships and the collective efforts of all involved organizations, the project holds the potential to scale and make a lasting impact on thousands, or even millions, of people in Kenya.

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