How to Create Gasless Transactions on Celo with the Biconomy SDK

Account Abstraction is the hottest thing in Web3 right now as everyone clamors for more interactive environments.

Biconomy is one of the foremost tools helping developers to achieve this purpose. Any Senior Dev who wants to be abreast of the developments in the industry should know how to tap into the Biconomy SDK.

In this tutorial, I will teach how devs can pay for gas upfront with the Biconomy SDK so their users will have seamless navigations.

This is my tech stack:

  • Solidity for smart contracts
  • Ether.js framework
  • React for frontend
  • Biconomy SDK for infrastruture
  • Celo alfajores testnet for deployment


Engaging introduction! Looking forward to learning how to implement gasless transactions on Celo using this technology stack.