Ignite Your Unique Purpose Zine Making Workshop


The “Ignite Your Unique Purpose Zine Making Workshop” is part of the Prosper Series, which aims to envision, ideate, and create a new world of prosperity for all. Originally a weekend retreat, the series has now moved online due to the COVID-19 crisis, providing weekly content in bite-sized chunks. The workshop focuses on igniting unique purposes and supporting each other in bringing them to life.

Introduction of Tatiana

Tatiana, a visual artist and designer, is the guest speaker for the workshop. She specializes in creative processes that foster connection through collaboration and explore the beauty of human beings and the natural world. She shares her background and experience, including working with a museum film production company and her recent venture into zine making.

Understanding Zines

Tatiana introduces zines as a form of art that is easily reproducible and accessible to everyone. Originating from fanzines in the 1930s and gaining popularity in the punk rock scene of the 1970s and 1980s, zines are small booklets or magazines that can be made by anyone on any topic. Tatiana gives examples of zines she has worked on and explains their DIY aesthetic and inexpensive production.

Workshop Goals

The main objective of the workshop is to introduce participants to zine making within the context of prosperity. Tatiana encourages participants to imagine a world of prosperity and explore their role in it. The workshop provides an opportunity to experiment with a new artistic medium while creating a zine together. Tatiana emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process, allowing creativity to flow, and using readily available materials.

Zine Making Instructions

Tatiana provides step-by-step instructions for making a basic zine. Participants are guided through the folding process, resulting in a six-page zine. She encourages them to let go of perfectionism and enjoy the artistic flow. Throughout the workshop, Tatiana shares her own progress and encourages participants to personalize their zines.

Reflecting on Prosperity

During the workshop, participants are prompted to reflect on prosperity and their role in it. Tatiana encourages them to answer questions about their vision of prosperity, their individual roles, and how they can energize their roles. Through drawing, writing, and doodling, participants explore and express their ideas and inspirations.

Sharing and Conclusion

The workshop concludes with participants sharing their creations. Tatiana showcases her own zine and discusses the themes she incorporated. The session ends with gratitude for the participants’ involvement and an invitation to join future sessions of the Prosper Series.