Implementing Celo-based Decentralized Storage

This tutorial will guide developers through the process of implementing decentralized storage on the Celo blockchain. We will explore various decentralized storage solutions, such as IPFS and Filecoin, and demonstrate how to integrate them with Celo-based applications for secure, censorship-resistant data storage.

Solidity, JavaScript, React, Celo SDK, DEX concepts

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Hi @Celo_Academy
I had began writing the Part 2/ continuation of this tutorial and noticed the part 1 was not migrated here.

In case the file is lost, I still have the write up in my personal docs.

I will add that in now, but i need the permission to edit this. Thanks!


@ishan.pathak2711 @joenyzio kindly help look into this.

My tutorial here: Celo-based Decentralized File Sharing Platform
References this one.

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