Implementing the '#GrowAndTell' Initiative in Celo Academy's Marketing Strategy


This proposal seeks to integrate the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative into Celo Academy’s marketing approach. This initiative is designed to spotlight developers making substantial contributions to their communities, companies, or schools. The purpose is to broaden our scope beyond Celo, applaud others’ achievements, and inspire continual learning and growth within the broader ecosystem.

Implementation Strategy

#GrowAndTell Initiative:

  1. Community Stories: Encourage our community members to share stories of significant developer contributions they encounter using the ‘#GrowAndTell’ hashtag.
  2. Personal Achievement: Motivate those who are learning, creating, and evolving in their work to share their journey and accomplishments via ‘#GrowAndTell’.
  3. Spotlight Features: Regularly feature stories shared under the ‘#GrowAndTell’ hashtag on our platforms, thereby providing these innovators with a broader audience and highlighting the impact of their work.
  4. Influencer Collaboration: Engage with influencers in the blockchain and developer space to share stories from the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative, broadening our reach.

Promotion Strategy

  1. Campaign Announcement: Publicize the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative extensively on our platforms. Use compelling narratives and inspiring examples to set the tone for the campaign.
  2. Regular Updates: Share stories regularly from the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative, maintain the momentum and keep the community engaged and inspired.
  3. Influencer Engagement: Leverage partnerships with influencers to spread the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative, thereby widening our reach and capturing more stories.
  4. Celebration of Success: Recognize and celebrate individuals featured in the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative, further encouraging participation.

Expected Outcomes

The proposed ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative is designed to:

  1. Foster an environment of mutual growth and learning within the Celo community and the broader ecosystem.
  2. Enable our community to celebrate and learn from the success of others, thereby inspiring further innovation and growth.
  3. Establish Celo Academy as a platform for celebration, learning, and community building, positioning us as a go-to resource for those looking to create, learn, and grow in the blockchain space.

In conclusion, the ‘#GrowAndTell’ initiative aligns perfectly with our broader objective of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and inspirational community. By celebrating success and fostering a culture of shared growth, we can further empower our mission to support developers in the Celo Ecosystem and beyond.


I can only imagine the beauty of taking Celo to high schools and institutions, giving the aspiring young men and women that wants to venture into blockchain development the opportunity to learn for free and also practice what they learn.