Introducing Sensei on Celo Academy: Your Personal AI Helper


Celo Academy is excited to announce the release of a new feature, which we’re calling Sensei. This is part of our integration with the advanced Discourse AI package. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, namely ChatGPT 3.5 (with an upgrade to ChatGPT 4 API in the pipeline), this feature is poised to transform the way users interact with our platform. In the context of decentralized applications and Celo Academy, AI-driven tools like this are instrumental in enabling seamless, efficient communication and learning.

Function and Purpose

Sensei has been designed to tackle several challenges that users commonly encounter while communicating on online platforms. Whether you’re struggling to find answers to your questions, interested in drafting a compelling title, replying in a language you’re not entirely comfortable with, or fine-tuning a post for maximum impact, Sensei has you covered.

This feature represents an innovative solution to these issues, further enhancing Celo Academy’s commitment to providing an accessible, user-friendly environment for learning and discussion.

Integration with Celo Academy

In line with our mission to drive learning in the decentralized applications space, Sensei adds a new dimension to Celo Academy’s platform. It complements other features by providing AI assistance in communication.

Use Cases

The possibilities are broad with Sensei. Users can chat with Sensei to understand Celo better, ask for a summary of an article they’re interested in, or even request help in proofreading their posts. By using the AI helper, they can improve their communication and make the most out of their interactions within Celo Academy.

Getting Started

  • Chat with Sensei: To utilize this feature, simply message ‘Sensei’ using the :robot: icon at the top right of your screen or as a user in your personal messages. From there you can ask questions and begin your discussion to learn more about Celo and Celo Academy.

  • Composer Helper: After composing your post, click on the :sparkles: icon and select any of the options, such as ‘Suggest titles’, ‘Translate to English’, ‘Proofread’, or ‘Create table’.

Technical Requirements

The feature works seamlessly within Celo Academy and requires no additional programming or APIs. However, an active internet connection is necessary to interact with the AI.


The Composer AI Helper is fully compatible with all features of Celo Academy and the broader Discourse platform.


As with any AI, it’s important to remember that the suggestions and translations provided may not always be perfect. They should be used as a tool to help improve your own composition and not as a final authority.

Impact on Performance or Efficiency

By providing on-the-spot assistance in communication, the Composer AI Helper significantly enhances the efficiency of interaction within Celo Academy. It aids in improving clarity and understanding, thereby promoting a more productive learning environment.


The Composer AI Helper comes as part of your Celo Academy experience at no additional cost.

Future Developments

With plans already in place to upgrade to the ChatGPT 4 API, users can look forward to even more advanced assistance in the future.

Support and Resources

For more information on the Discourse AI package, visit here. For further details on ChatGPT, check out this link.


The Composer AI Helper is an exciting addition to Celo Academy. By integrating advanced AI technology into our platform, we are ensuring that our users have the most effective tools at their disposal to aid their learning journey. We encourage all users to try out


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