Jackie Bona - Valora CEO


In this video, we will explore insights from Jackie Bona, the CEO of Valora, a crypto-focused company. Jackie Bona shares her experiences and perspectives on Valora’s foreign projects, their focus on end-users and emerging markets, and their commitment to serving the underserved in a positive manner. She also highlights the importance of being the hub and gateway for the Solana ecosystem and working closely with DAP (Decentralized Application) developers. Let’s dive into the details!

The Different Approach of Valora’s Foreign Projects

Jackie Bona emphasizes that Valora’s foreign projects stand out due to their unique characteristics. She mentions that these projects are distinct from others in the crypto space because they have a strong focus on the end user and aim to serve emerging markets. Moreover, they strive to address the needs of the underserved population. This positive approach sets Valora apart in the industry.

Personal Connections and Support

Jackie Bona expresses her sense of support within Valora. She highlights that she personally knows many of the founders they collaborate with, who integrate and build with Valora. This familiarity and personal connection provide a foundation of trust and collaboration. Bona mentions that both her and the Valora team invest significant time and effort into ensuring that Valora becomes the central hub and gateway for the Solana ecosystem.

Working with DAP Developers and Learning Opportunities

As the CEO of Valora, Jackie Bona has the privilege of working closely with numerous DAP developers in the ecosystem. This collaboration has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth. Bona emphasizes the value of learning from developers worldwide and being exposed to the exciting and innovative projects they are working on within the ecosystem. This experience has been enriching and continues to evolve.

Reflecting on the Journey

Jackie Bona expresses her satisfaction with the experiences she has had so far at Valora. She recognizes the positive impact they have made and anticipates that their future endeavors will only bring more success and growth. This reflection emphasizes the continuous commitment of Valora to its mission and the enthusiasm they have for the future.


Jackie Bona’s insights as the CEO of Valora provide a glimpse into the company’s foreign projects and their unique approach in the crypto space. Their focus on the end user, emerging markets, and serving the underserved highlights their commitment to making a positive impact. The personal connections and support within Valora, as well as the collaboration with DAP developers, contribute to their growth and learning. Valora’s journey has been fruitful so far, and their dedication promises a bright future in the industry.

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