Joe Nyzio

Hello, Celo Community :mortar_board: :seedling:

I’m Joe Nyzio, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself today. As an education professional, my journey in the Celo community has been nothing short of inspiring. My background in instructional design, software development, and technical writing brought me to the Celo ecosystem, a decision primarily driven by my passion for blockchain technology and my strong belief in Celo’s mission of fostering financial inclusion and innovation.

Celo Developer Relations Team

As a member of the Developer Relations team, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into an array of projects. My contributions range from supporting by creating in-depth documentation and resources for developers, to taking a leading role in the Celo Sage Program and more recently, Celo Academy, where I develop educational materials to assist developers in building on Celo.

Focused on Education

My goal, both short-term and long-term, aligns seamlessly with Celo’s mission. I strive to further develop Celo’s developer education resources, create a nurturing learning environment, and extend opportunities to others. I believe that education, technology, and sustainability have the power to uplift individuals and communities, and that’s what I aim to accomplish through my work here.

Working with the Community

Working in the Celo community has been a rewarding journey. I’ve collaborated with fellow community members on numerous projects, leading to a strong sense of unity and shared purpose. I’ve found that my work impacts developers positively, providing them with accessible, high-quality educational resources, and a supportive learning environment. I eagerly look forward to supporting the Celo Sage program and continuing to bring more opportunities to our incredible community members.

Continuing with Education

In the future, I intend to focus on further developing Celo’s developer education platform and contribute to our broader ecosystem. I am eager to share my knowledge, insights, and best practices to foster growth, innovation, and inclusivity. I welcome collaboration and conversation, so if you’d like to get in touch, don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter (@joenyzio), Discord (joenyzio#7547), or through the Celo Academy!

Next Steps with Celo

In conclusion, being part of the Celo Sage community has been an enriching experience, and I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to its ongoing growth. I encourage you to join the Celo community and explore the exciting opportunities within this dynamic ecosystem. I eagerly anticipate our continued growth and collaboration as we strive to build a brighter, more inclusive future together.

Joe Nyzio


Having you here leader @joenyzio is a privilege to enjoy by many. Thanks for being here on Celo.


Do I need to welcome you again @joenyzio since you’re more than a visitor?
You have a quality I always want to emulate. That’ Leadership. You should consider adding it to your resume. You’re my mentor, and I have learned some leadership attributes since working with you as a team. I’ve not met you either, but whoever you’re, is an exceptional person. Many thumbs for you Joe.


Thanks so much @bobelr! Always nice to hear a warm welcome :smiley: It’s really been great building Celo Academy with everyone and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to learn with you and the community. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


You’re highly welcomed