Kuneco 2.0: 11 11 22


Welcome to the Kuneco 2.0: 11 11 22, where we will summarize the key points from the transcript of the Kuneco Community Town Hall. The main focus of this call was to have meaningful conversations within the seller community and provide updates on governance proposals, technical infrastructure, and community matters. The goal was to foster open dialogue and bring the community together. This tutorial will provide an overview of the topics discussed during the call.

Rules of Engagement

Before diving into the main topics, the facilitators emphasized a few rules of engagement for the call. Participants were requested to keep their microphones muted until they were ready to speak. To indicate the desire to speak, participants could raise their hand using the hand button on the screen. The facilitators would then facilitate the session, allowing participants to speak when it was their turn.

State of the Ecosystem Update

The call started with a state of the ecosystem update provided by Renee. This update highlighted the growth and activities within the seller ecosystem. It was mentioned that significant funding had been raised, and there was a focus on real-world impact and use cases. The intention was to support building communities, particularly in the global South and areas outside established hubs.

Isolo Africa Doll Proposal

ALU, representing the Africa Ecosystem Foundation, presented the Isolo Africa Doll proposal. The goal of this proposal was to drive more inclusive participation across Africa. It aimed to involve the community in decision-making processes and foster the growth of the seller ecosystem on the continent. The proposal included plans for an incubation program, local developer information programs, and community education. The budget breakdown and expected outcomes were discussed.

Cello India Now Proposal

The Cello India Now proposal was presented by Amina. The focus of this proposal was to expand the seller community in India. The plan included onboarding the community, conducting local events, and researching localized use cases. The proposal aimed to attract more participants, increase social media followers, and provide localized developer education material. The funding requirements and success criteria were outlined.

Mission to Onboard Web3 Artists in India

Munish presented the Mission to Onboard Web3 Artists in India proposal. The goal of this proposal was to onboard Indian artists into the web3 space for social good. The plan involved grassroots education and decentralization efforts. The proposal included a team structure and plans to focus on different regions within India. The funding request and intended outcomes were discussed.

Funding Allocation and Decision-Making

The facilitators discussed the process of funding allocation and decision-making. It was emphasized that the funds would be allocated by the respective multi-sig teams representing each region. These teams would have autonomy and agency over how to spend the funds. The aim was to empower local decision-making and resource allocation, ensuring efficient use of the funds.


The Kuneco Community Town Hall provided an opportunity for meaningful conversations within the seller community. Updates on governance proposals, technical infrastructure, and community matters were discussed. Proposals from Africa and India highlighted the focus on inclusive participation and community growth. The funding allocation and decision-making process aimed to empower local teams. The call provided valuable insights and lessons for future community engagements.

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I think this meant to be Celo Community

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