Kuneco Celo Community Call (Dec, '21)


Welcome to the Kuneco Celo Community Call held in December 2021. This community call aimed to celebrate the progress and achievements of the Celo platform and its mission to build a financial system that creates prosperity for everyone. The call included various presentations and updates from different projects and individuals within the Celo community. In this tutorial, we will provide a summary of the key points discussed during the call.

Agenda and Special Welcome

The agenda for the community call included a special welcome to the Kickstarter team, who expressed their excitement about Celo and its mission. Sean, the CEO of Kickstarter, was present at the call and shared his connection to the Celo community. The importance of hackathons in the blockchain space was also highlighted, emphasizing their role as launchpads for new ideas and companies.

Presentation: Fiat NFT

The first presentation was by a project called Fiat NFT. The presenter, Soyka, shared their method of buying NFTs with credit cards. They described themselves as a full-stack and solidity developer working on designing NFT characters for sale before the game launch. The presenter expressed their gratitude for being part of the Celo community.

Presentation: CelloBridge

CelloBridge presented their project, a submarine swap exchange. They discussed their open infrastructure for providers and the ability to provide customizable data feeds with real-world data. Their approach involves storing data off-chain and validating it on-chain only when a transaction is triggered. They expressed their mission to help researchers and conservation groups find discoveries and potentially create interactive experiences with VR/AR.

Presentation: Yield Farms Revo

Yield Farms Revo presented their decentralized auto-compounding yield farming platform. They highlighted the benefits of their platform, including higher APY, faster start, and low fees. The presenter demonstrated how to earn passive income by activating votes and simulating epochs.

Presentation: Mula

Mula presented their project, focused on scaling access to Celo and Celo assets through the mobile money infrastructure. They discussed their collaboration with various agents in different countries and the ease of understanding their platform by consumers on the ground.

Presentation: Africa and Latin America Track Winners

The winners of the Africa and Latin America tracks of the Celo hackathon were announced and acknowledged for their achievements. Several projects were recognized for their innovation and contributions to the Celo ecosystem.

Discussion and Wrap-up

The community call concluded with a discussion among the hosts and guests about the projects presented, the importance of traction and building, and the future potential of the Celo platform. The hosts expressed their excitement about the growth and utility of Celo and encouraged further development and adoption in the coming year.


This provided a summary of the Kuneco Celo Community Call held in December 2021. The call showcased various projects within the Celo ecosystem, including Fiat NFT, CelloBridge, Yield Farms Revo, Mula, and the winners of the Africa and Latin America tracks of the Celo hackathon. The hosts and guests discussed the progress and potential of Celo and emphasized the importance of building and traction in the blockchain space.