Kuneco Celo Community Call (Sept, '21)


Welcome to the Kuneco Celo Community Call! In this call, we will discuss various topics related to Celo’s mission of building a financial system that promotes prosperity for everyone. Kuneco means togetherness in Esperanto, and this call aims to foster a sense of togetherness and celebrate the success of our mission.


We have a packed agenda for today’s call. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Special Welcome
  2. Optics Update
  3. Celo Community Shares from Around the World
  4. Update on D5 for the People Program
  5. Live Project Demos
  6. Closing Remarks

Throughout the call, feel free to actively participate by sharing in the chat or asking questions in the dedicated questions section.

Celo Community Shares from Around the World

Let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves and share where we are calling in from. It’s wonderful to have participants from different parts of the world. We have attendees from San Francisco, California, New Jersey, Buenos Aires, Portugal, New York, Sonoma, Berlin, Bogota, and more. This global community represents the collective effort towards Celo’s mission.

Optics Update

Optics is now live and offers a solution for any layer one blockchain. It provides a gas-efficient and trustless one-to-many communication system between different chains. Each chain in the system is connected to every other chain through communication channels. This enables seamless interoperability and coordination between blockchains.

Celo Community Fellows Program

In this section, we will hear from participants of the Celo Community Fellows Program. These fellows underwent a rigorous selection process and spent eight weeks learning about the Celo ecosystem and building their own projects. Let’s hear from a few of them:

  • Daniel: Daniel supported education and community initiatives. The fellows learned about the Celo ecosystem, built sample apps, and created their own projects.
  • Samir: Samir built a network explorer for the Celo protocol, which allows users to connect to the RPC URL, create and fetch accounts, and perform other actions.
  • Elio: Elio developed Cellogram, a creative economy powered by Celo. It includes features like account creation, display of minted NFTs, and seamless payment integration using Celo.

These projects demonstrate the diverse and creative applications being built on Celo.

Update on D5 for the People Program

The D5 for the People program aims to make DeFi more accessible. The Celo Foundation has committed $100 million worth of Celo to projects that support this goal. The program focuses on mobile-first applications and infrastructure development. It includes initiatives like hackathons, grants, and partnerships to nurture the growth of the Celo ecosystem.

Live Project Demos

The next segment showcases live demos of several projects built on Celo. Participants will present their projects and highlight their features and functionalities. This includes projects related to infrastructure, finance, NFTs, and more. These demos showcase the diversity and potential of the Celo ecosystem.

Closing Remarks

As the call comes to an end, we reflect on the achievements and progress made within the Celo community. The D5 for the People program has gained significant traction, and Ubeswap has surpassed $50 million in total value locked. The roadmap includes exciting developments such as Velora integration, optics integration, and an advanced analytics dashboard.


The Kuneco Celo Community Call provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and celebration of the Celo ecosystem. By fostering togetherness and promoting accessibility, Celo continues to drive towards its mission of building a prosperous financial system for all.