Kuneco Community All-Hands


The Kuneco Community All-Hands event aims to foster togetherness and strengthen the spirit of the Seller mission. The event is held quarterly and serves as a platform to connect communities across the globe. The current event is hosted in South Africa, and the attendees are encouraged to enjoy the video while waiting for the event to start.

The Spirit of Cello

Taylor Leahy, a visual communicator working at Celo Labs, shares insights into the spirit of Cello. The infrastructure and belief in human connection behind Celo have created a financial system that promotes prosperity for everyone. By engaging with neighborhoods and offering value through community saving schemes, Celo has become a catalyst for equitable solutions. The relationship between pollinators (community members) and flowers (Celo) is interdependent, leading to the creation and circulation of value.

Humility and Celo

Renee Merrick, an entrepreneur and Celo investor, highlights the importance of humility in the Celo community. She believes that trust in traditional institutions has eroded, and Celo offers an alternative that embraces humility and empowers individuals. Celo combines three fundamental components of transformative technology: financial access as a human right, trust in decentralized systems, and the potential to reshape society.

Celo’s Impact and Celo Dollar (cUSD)

Celo’s impact in Africa is significant, considering that a large percentage of the population lives in the cash economy and lacks access to banking services. The Celo protocol and the introduction of Celo Dollar (cUSD) provide a viable alternative to traditional banking methods. The strong peg of cUSD to the US dollar ensures stability and fosters trust among users. Celo’s infrastructure also enables frequent blockchain and smart contract upgrades, ensuring improved functionality and security.

Future Developments and Improvements

Looking ahead, Celo aims to enhance user experience and connectivity. Efforts will focus on refining wallet connectivity and improving transaction speeds and reliability, especially on cellular networks. Additional enhancements include displaying transaction details, profile photos, and usability improvements for account key and recovery. Furthermore, a hard fork is planned, facilitating cross-chain bridging efforts and requiring community coordination.

Celo’s Impact in Underbanked Communities

Celo’s impact extends to underbanked communities in South Africa, particularly in urban and peri-urban regions. By introducing digital payment mechanisms like Valora and demonstrating the benefits of using mobile tools for transactions, Celo aims to replace traditional methods and empower individuals economically. A Celo pilot project involving community savings schemes shows promise in creating value and fostering financial inclusion.

Closing Remarks and Q&A

The event concludes with speakers expressing their gratitude and sharing updates on ongoing projects. The importance of making information digestible and shareable for community empowerment is emphasized. The speakers highlight the impact of Celo on humanitarian aid and suggest exploring options for non-smartphone users. The audience is encouraged to donate to causes through QR codes using the Valora wallet. Participants are also invited to join further discussions via Zoom and ask questions to the speakers.