Kuneco Community Call (July, '21) Tutorial


In this video, we will provide a summary and breakdown of the Kuneco Community Call that took place in July 2021. The call aimed to bring together individuals interested in building a financial system that promotes prosperity for all. We will cover the key highlights, updates, and discussions from the call.

Getting Started

To participate in the Kuneco Community and stay updated with monthly updates and discussions, follow these steps:

  1. Join the Kuneco channel in the Discord community.
  2. Share your location and connect with participants from around the world.
  3. Expect monthly calls to enhance communication and transparency within the community.
  4. The annual Kaneco Conference (Canecocon) will continue to celebrate Cello’s main net anniversary and Earth Day.

Agenda Overview

The community call had a packed agenda, covering various topics of interest. The agenda was as follows:

  1. Updates on the end and product side
  2. Ecosystem updates
  3. Community updates
  4. Recent project launches
  5. Q&A session

End and Product Updates

Alberto, who recently joined Sea Labs, provided updates on the product side. Here are the key points:

  • The launch of C-Euro, Cello’s second native stablecoin, was announced.
  • Tokenized quality voluntary carbon credits were introduced to protect natural resources.
  • Cello’s growing ecosystem included new applications like Cosmos ABC and Polkadot.

Cello Discovery and Global Builder Community

The Cello Discovery initiative was discussed, focusing on improving social trust, reputation scores, and metrics. Additionally:

  • The global builder community had grown by 30% in the last three months.
  • Focus areas for the team included new financial primitives, expanding access to Cello, and new use cases.
  • A sneak peek was provided for a tutorial on getting started with Cello development.

Prosper DAO and CellCamp

Prosper DAO, a community aligned around Cello’s purpose, was introduced. Key highlights included:

  • Membership opportunities were still being developed, and community involvement was encouraged.
  • Vanessa shared the Prosper DAO brand, emphasizing playfulness, experimentalism, and organicness.
  • CellCamp, a program for builders, was discussed, offering benefits like prizes, mentorship, and exposure to investment opportunities.

Haymate and Heymate PT

Haymate, a gig economy platform integrated with social media, was presented. Important points included:

  • Haymate enables micro-entrepreneurs to transact with Telegram’s vast user base seamlessly.
  • Virtual gigs can be delivered within Telegram, combining conversation with commerce.
  • Instant bank transfers were launched, enhancing payment options for users.

Conclusion and Acknowledgments

This video concluded with acknowledgments and gratitude towards the participants. Special thanks were given to Marcus Franco and his team for hosting the community at Sea Labs in Berlin.