#MakeItMobile Hackathon Highlight Reel


In this video, we will showcase the highlights from the #MakeItMobile Hackathon. Various teams participated and presented their innovative mobile applications built on Celo, using technologies like Solidity, TypeScript, Expo, and React Native. The projects ranged from fundraising platforms to uncollateralized lending services, all with the aim of leveraging decentralized finance (DeFi) and smart contracts to empower individuals worldwide. Let’s dive into the exciting projects presented during the hackathon.

Project 1: Cello Mail - “Hello World”

  • Team: Leon
  • Description: Cello Mail is a mobile application presented by Team Leon. Though the exact details of the project were not provided in the highlight reel, we can assume that it revolves around leveraging the Celo blockchain to provide secure and decentralized email communication. Celo’s features can enable users to maintain privacy and control over their data while communicating with others through the Cello Mail app.

Project 2: The Box - “Building Community with Smart Loans”

  • Team: Alex
  • Description: The Box, presented by Team Alex, appears to be a community-oriented smart loan platform. It allows users to access uncollateralized lending services integrated with Celo. The platform is built using Solidity, TypeScript, Expo, and React Native, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. With The Box, vulnerable individuals worldwide can benefit from financial inclusion and access to smart loans powered by Celo’s DeFi capabilities.

Project 3: Visible - “Empowering Fundraising Through Coparacha”

  • Team: Eric
  • Description: Visible, a project by Team Eric, introduces “Coparacha,” a fundraising platform that transcends borders. This application enables easy and borderless fundraising for communities. With Coparacha, users can create fundraisers, donate to various causes, and even receive payouts for their own fundraisers. By leveraging Celo’s decentralized infrastructure, Visible aims to foster a culture of community-driven financial support.

Project 4: Australia - “Centro: Your Gateway to DeFi on Celo”

  • Team: Australia
  • Description: Team Australia presents “Centro,” an easy-to-use DeFi center for Celo. Built on Celo’s blockchain, Centro offers users a seamless experience in participating in Celo’s groundbreaking financial products. By incorporating smart contracts and decentralized finance, Centro aims to make Celo accessible to people worldwide, while also promoting sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprints.


The #MakeItMobile Hackathon brought forth a diverse range of mobile applications leveraging the power of Celo’s blockchain and DeFi capabilities. From secure email communication to uncollateralized lending, fundraising platforms, and easy DeFi participation, these projects showcased the potential of decentralized technologies in empowering individuals globally. As the Celo ecosystem continues to grow, these innovations contribute to creating a more inclusive and sustainable financial landscape for everyone.

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