#MakeItMobile Hackathon Highlights and Winners | Kuneco April 2021


The #MakeItMobile Hackathon aimed to nurture innovative ideas and provide a launchpad for developers on the Celo platform. With a vision of creating a mobile-first crypto world, Celo aimed to leverage the increasing number of smartphone users and the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. The hackathon’s theme revolved around Celo’s positioning as a mobile-first blockchain.

Participants and Projects

The hackathon saw participation from both experienced developers and students new to crypto. Over 600 participants from various countries successfully initiated development on the Celo platform, showcasing collaboration and global connectivity. Projects covered a range of areas, with a majority focusing on DeFi and NFTs. All the projects demonstrated dedication and creativity throughout the event.

Community Awards and Recognition

To encourage participation from diverse regions, the hackathon featured community awards and recognition for students and women-led teams. The engagement was impressive, with submission rates surpassing those of many other DeFi hackathons. The hackathon offered a substantial award pool of over $60,000.

Project Highlights

The projects showcased during the hackathon were diverse and innovative. Some noteworthy projects included:

  1. Loner: Loner, the first-place winner, developed a mobile app for uncollateralized micro-financing. The team demonstrated exceptional execution, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.
  2. Centro: Centro secured second place by developing a mobile app that integrated various aspects of the Celo ecosystem, such as Moolah Market and Ub Swap. The app allowed users to easily manage expenses and make payments from their mobile devices.
  3. Other Projects: Several other projects received recognition, including Boxmark, Capparacha, Sell NFT Market, Celo Mail, Sell SMS, Helpy, SelloLado, and NFT Museum. Each project showcased unique features and contributions to the Celo ecosystem.

Winners and Awards

The winners were announced at the end of the hackathon, with Loner and Centro securing the first and second places, respectively. Loner, a women-led team from Australia, won $10,000 USD, while Centro received $5,000 USD. Additionally, other projects received cash prizes of $3,000 USD each. Community awards were also presented to Loner, Centro, and other outstanding teams.

Continuing Support and Opportunities

The hackathon emphasized continuous support for participants beyond the event. Winners were encouraged to take their projects to market, while other avenues of support were made available. Celo offered builder programs, grants for infrastructure development, and funding opportunities through the Ecosystem Fund and Celo Community Fund.


The #MakeItMobile Hackathon organized by Celo and its partners proved to be a successful event, attracting participants from around the world. The projects showcased during the hackathon demonstrated the potential of mobile-first blockchain development on the Celo platform. With ongoing support and various opportunities, the hackathon helped foster a connected developer community and contributed to the growth of the Celo ecosystem.