Marek Olszewski Announces Plumo Protocol


In an exciting announcement, Marek Olszewski introduces the Plumo Protocol, a cutting-edge zk-SNARK based client protocol developed by Cello. This tutorial provides an overview of the Plumo Protocol and its features, enabling web applications to connect to the chain in a fully trustless manner, sync instantly, and verify state without relying on trust assumptions.

Lightweight and Efficient Client Protocol

Cello’s previous client protocol was already impressive, being 17,000 times lighter than Ethereum’s line protocol. However, with the introduction of Plumo, Cello has achieved a groundbreaking milestone, making their client protocol 1.7 million times lighter than Ethereum’s. This substantial reduction in weight enhances efficiency and performance.

Generating Plumo SNARK Proofs

Starting today, anyone can generate Plumo SNARK proofs, allowing decentralized applications (dApps) to synchronize with the chain in a fully trustless manner. C Labs is currently hosting the first server that generates these proofs on a daily basis. However, any individual or organization can run their own server to generate these proofs.

WebAssembly (Wasm) Library for Verification

To facilitate seamless integration with web applications, Cello is launching a Wasm-based library. This library enables web apps to verify Plumo proofs and synchronize with the chain. Additionally, it allows verification of the state fetched from full nodes on the network. This breakthrough development empowers web applications to connect to the peer-to-peer (P2P) network, sync nearly instantly, and independently validate the state received from any full node.

Trustless Interaction for Web Applications

For the first time in the broader crypto space, web applications can connect to the P2P network and interact with the chain in a fully trustless manner. By utilizing the Plumo Protocol, web apps can achieve near-instant synchronization with the blockchain and independently verify the state they request from any full node. This eliminates the need for trust assumptions when interacting with full nodes, revolutionizing the way web applications integrate with decentralized systems.


The introduction of the Plumo Protocol by Marek Olszewski marks a significant advancement in zk-SNARK based client protocols. With Plumo, Cello achieves an extraordinary weight reduction, making it 1.7 million times lighter than Ethereum’s line protocol. The ability to generate Plumo SNARK proofs and utilize the Wasm-based library allows web applications to connect, sync, and verify state in a trustless manner. This breakthrough sets a new standard for web application integration in the crypto space, enabling secure and efficient interactions with decentralized networks.