Moving your Project Further with Celo Camp


The session is a part of the Make It Mobile hackathon, and it focuses on moving projects further with Celo Camp. The session is recorded and can be found on the CoinMedia YouTube channel. Participants are encouraged to ask questions in the chat or Q&A section.

Overview of Celo Camp

Alan Shavit, the program director and co-founder of Upright, introduces Celo Camp, an eight-week virtual acceleration program for the Celo system. The program aims to help teams build sustainable startups on the Celo protocol. Celo Camp is a collaborative effort between Upright and Syllabs. It provides a platform for founders to manifest their visions on Celo and take their projects to the next stage.

Benefits of Joining Celo Camp

Participants in Celo Camp can enjoy several perks, including Amazon credits, HubSpot credits, funding opportunities, mentorships from industry experts, and networking within the ecosystem. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum based on Upright’s experience in accelerating blockchain startups. There are also attractive prizes, such as $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and five $2,000 prizes.

Milestones of Celo Camp

Celo Camp consists of several milestones. The pre-camp phase involves team evaluation and familiarizing participants with the program. The application deadline marks the early adoption phase. The Build and Integrate phase spans two weeks and focuses on helping teams develop their projects. The program guides participants through the entrepreneurial journey, offering weekly sessions that cover entrepreneurial models, guest speakers, one-on-one mentoring, and check-ins.

Examples from Previous Batches

Alan highlights success stories from previous Celo Camp batches. One example is the EY team, which recently raised funds from reputable investors. Another alumni team, Impact Market, is enabling communities to have their own Universal Basic Income (UBI) systems. These examples demonstrate the program’s potential to support entrepreneurs in fundraising and making a positive impact.

How to Apply for Celo Camp

To join Celo Camp, interested teams can visit the Celo Camp website and fill out the application form. Accepted teams will receive a page where they can update their information and embark on the program’s journey. The current batch is ongoing, but future batches are planned. It is recommended to apply and participate in the next batch if there is a passion-driven project in progress.

Mindset and Support in Celo Camp

Having an open mindset and validating project ideas with the market is crucial. Celo Camp offers support tailored to the needs of each team, including office hours with engineers, personal mentors, and high-profile mentors from organizations like NFX and Andreessen Horowitz. The program helps teams address business challenges and provides opportunities for visibility and fundraising through demo days and networking.


Celo Camp is a unique virtual acceleration program that aims to empower entrepreneurs to build on the Celo protocol. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, valuable mentorships, networking opportunities, and attractive prizes. Teams can join with finished or unfinished projects and benefit from the support and guidance provided throughout the program. With multiple events planned throughout the year, Celo Camp provides a global platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.