Never get Scammed Again: Building a Brokerage Smart Contract on Celo

In our day to day lives we make transactions with one another. These transactions are based on trust, but sometimes we deal with untrustworthy people who try to scam us. And believe me, I have been a victim of this. But guess what? with the use of blockchain technology we can prevent scams like this from happening. In this article we will be building a brokage smart contract deployed on the Celo blockchain to act as a middleman between two parties and prevent fraud.


I had to vote for this, a great heading!

Hoping to learn from this


Thank you for your kind words and support! I’m glad you liked the topic. :heart:

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I think you meant brokerage. The concept sounds complex tho…just wondering how you would implement it.


I like the concept…looking forward to it

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Thanks for that @EmiriDbest

I will be creating a smart contract to act as a middle man between two parties , store funds and send it out when both parties confirm.