New Payment Solutions Payments SDK

This post provides an overview of the New Payment Solutions Payments SDK, as discussed in the YouTube video titled “(128) New Payment Solutions Payments SDK.” The video features Daniel Kessler from Sea Labs, who explains the process and partnership with Fireblocks to enable crypto payments in a user-friendly manner. The tutorial covers the following sections:


  • Overview of the New Payment Solutions Payments SDK and its purpose.
  • Partnership between Sea Labs and Fireblocks.

The Challenge of Purchasing with Crypto

  • Common issues faced by buyers when trying to make purchases using cryptocurrency.
  • Merchants’ lack of understanding and acceptance of crypto.

Introducing Fireblocks’ Solution

  • Explanation of how Fireblocks has collaborated with Sea Labs to create a seamless payment process similar to using a credit card.
  • Benefits of using the Fireblocks system for crypto transactions.

Celo Payments SDK

  • Introduction to the open-source Payments SDK developed by Sea Labs.
  • Compatibility with any wallet that supports Celo.
  • Not limited to the Velora wallet, as other wallets can also implement the Payments SDK.

Demo: Making a Purchase with Valora Wallet

  • Step-by-step demonstration of the payment process using the Valora wallet.
  • Scanning a QR code to initiate the transaction.
  • Real-time updates on the payment status.
  • Fireblocks’ role in converting crypto to fiat for merchants.

Advantages and Use Cases

  • Discussion on how Celo Payments benefits the unbanked population and people in unstable fiat countries.
  • Minimal requirements of a phone and internet connection for individuals to make purchases.
  • Possibility of using Celo Payments in various markets, such as Brazil and Argentina.

Technical Details and Q&A

  • Addressing questions about the technical aspects of Celo Payments.
  • Explaining the QR code and API specifications.
  • Clarifying how transactions are processed without direct blockchain interaction.
  • Discussing the onboarding process for merchants and individuals.

By following this video, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the New Payment Solutions Payments SDK, its features, and its potential applications. You’ll also learn how to use the Valora wallet for making purchases and explore the technical details behind the payment process.