Optimizing Payment Workflows on Celo: Implementing ERC1363 to Simplify Transactions in ERC721 NFT Smart Contracts

In this tutorial📖, I will guide you through the process of implementing ERC1363, a payable token standard, on the Celo blockchain. I’ll demonstrate how to integrate ERC1363 into ERC721 NFT smart contracts, enabling seamless payment integration.

Unlike the traditional ERC20 convention, where two separate function calls are required to initiate a transfer, ERC1363 streamlines the process by allowing the payment to be completed in a single call. By leveraging the powerful features of Foundry, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step implementation and testing process.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to build efficient payment systems on the Celo blockchain, enhancing user experience within ERC721 contracts. :wink:


@Oluwatosin-Serah By the guild-lines your proposal should contain celo (speak about Celo) it will be great if you can work on it.


@Clue Thanks for your input, I will include it now.


I’ll really like to see how you’ll implement ERC1363 To simplify transactions, nice topic idea. You have my support.


Thank you @Encrypted :hugs:

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