Path to build full stack DApp on Celo with C++, WebAssembly and ReactJS - part 1

Building a full-stack DApp on Celo using C++ and WebAssembly involves several steps. First, you need to set up the Celo SDK, which provides JavaScript libraries for interacting with the Celo blockchain. Next, you’ll need to write a smart contract in C++ and compile it to WebAssembly using the eosio.cdt compiler. After that, you can deploy the smart contract to the Celo network using the ContractKit instance and a Web3 provider. Finally, you can build the frontend of your DApp using React and interact with the smart contract using the Celo SDK.

These are the focus of the series and it promised to be exciting and full of learning low-level stuffs along the way.

C++, WebAssembly, JavaScript, ReactJS

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