Peter Latona

Hello, Celo Community! :mortar_board: :seedling:

Who’s Peter Latona (in skillset)

I’m Peter Latona, and I’m excited to be in this community of web3 tech sages and a place serving as a dependable/resourceful station for building our future and present decentralized systems.

As a web3 blockchain developer and content creator, my journey in the blockchain space has been incredibly fulfilling. With a passion for blockchain technology and a creative mindset, I am eager to collaborate on blockchain development and content projects.

Also, I’m a fiction creative nerd under the pen name ‘Sasani Eldis’. I express my creativity through writing. I also find joy in merging the realms of technology and storytelling, exploring the possibilities of the blockchain space through my words.

Off that flank…

Being a pharma enthusiast, I also utilize technology for health management systems. Combining my expertise in web3 development with a focus on healthcare, I strive to contribute to the advancement of health technologies and systems.

What Next?

I believe that collaboration and innovation are the driving forces behind progress. I am keen to work alongside like-minded individuals and teams, leveraging blockchain technology to create meaningful solutions and foster positive change.

If you’re interested in collaborating on blockchain development or content projects, I would be thrilled to connect with you. Feel free to reach out to me via email or through my social media channels:

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and make a lasting impact in the Celo blockchain community.

Best regards,
Peter Latona😇


You’re welcome Peter…we’re glad to have you here.


Many thanks @EmiriDbest. It feels good to have you :clinking_glasses:


Thanks bro. I have followed you on social media.

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It’s great to have you as part of the Sages :clinking_glasses:


That’s nice :blush:. @EmiriDbest, I saw your stop on LinkedIn and I have connected. I look forward to more networking with you🥂


Thanks @maxwellonyeka2487 :innocent:. It’s fun on board with you​:clinking_glasses:. Looking forward to more pitching together​:100:


Nice intro you’ve got there @SasaniEldis. Celo community welcomes you large as I do🌱


Thanks a bunch, Ben. See you more, around🤝


It’s a good intro—Celo community welcomes you.