Proposal on creating a decentralised Celo faucet app using Solidity and React.js

This is an intermediate tutorial in creating a decentralized faucet app on the Celo Blockchain using Solidity for its smart contract and React.js for its front end.

In the dApp, any user in need of Celo or cUSD to mint an nft or pay for gas fee, be it on the testnet or mainnet can make a request on the app with details on what he/she needs the token for.

  • The details will be displayed on the platform for everyone to see, then a user who is willing to help can make a transfer of the needed token to the person making the request.

  • The dApp will also have a chat functionality where you can chat with the user that made the request.

  • Also, user who made a request can also delete that request.


Although, I’m currently learning something of such, but I can’t wait to see how this dApp works. Creative innovation.


What exactly are you learning bro @jimohyusufolatunji4 ? Do you also want to build a faucet app?


Yeah, any suggestion for me, please?

Not really, I thought you had the full understanding of what he is proposing.


great tutorial man. Interesting