Prosper Series Blockchain for Prosperity

Introduction to Prosper Series

The Prosper Series is an initiative focused on envisioning and creating a new world of prosperity for all. Initially started as an in-person retreat, it has now transitioned into an online weekly series to make it more accessible globally. The series brings together developers, designers, dreamers, and doers to explore the question of how to create a beautiful world where money is a force for good.

Connecting for Prosperity

Participants from various cities and countries join the Prosper Series virtually, creating a diverse and global community. Represented locations include Germany, Toronto, Auckland, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Thailand, Nigeria, and Turkey. The virtual nature of the series allows for global collaboration and the sharing of ideas across borders and time zones.

Harnessing the Energy of Prosperity

Before diving into the session on blockchain for prosperity, a short meditation is conducted to connect with the frequency of prosperity. Participants are encouraged to close their eyes, focus on their breath, and imagine a beautiful and prosperous life. This practice sets the energetic tone for the discussion to follow.

Positive Blockchain and Its Mission

Positive Blockchain, an open-source database, media platform, and community, is at the forefront of exploring the potential of blockchain for socio-economic and sustainable impact. The organization believes in using blockchain as a technology to drive innovation and move the world forward. The speakers from Positive Blockchain have backgrounds in socio-economic impact and sustainability, which led them to embrace blockchain as a solution for positive change.

Blockchain’s Role in Prosperity

Blockchain technology offers transparency, immutability, and trust in transactions, making it suitable for addressing various global challenges. Financial inclusion, a significant issue affecting billions of people, can be improved through transparent and secure transactions enabled by blockchain. The technology also finds applications in agriculture, supply chain traceability, and proof of authenticity for minerals, among other areas.

Positive Blockchain’s Initiatives

Positive Blockchain is actively involved in supporting collaboration, building awareness, and simplifying the blockchain ecosystem. They work with partners to draft research reports, organize startup competitions and hackathons, and facilitate consulting projects. The organization aims to create a global network of perspectives to foster sustainable development and inclusivity.

Call to Action and Collaboration

To stay connected with Positive Blockchain and participate in their initiatives, individuals are encouraged to sign up for their newsletter through their website. Collaboration and support from individuals and organizations are vital for driving positive change and leveraging blockchain technology for societal impact.