Prosper Series Discover Your Unique Purpose

Introduction and Background

The Prosper Series is a virtual event aimed at envisioning and creating a new beautiful world together. The host, Adriana, welcomes participants from various cities and countries, creating a sense of connection in the virtual space. The series was inspired by the original in-person Prosper retreat held in Mendocino, California, where developers, designers, dreamers, and doers gathered to explore the question, “What if money were beautiful?” The retreat included sessions with thought leaders, community-led discussions, and activities like hiking and yoga, fostering introspection on personal definitions of prosperity.

Workshop: Discovering Your Unique Purpose

Vanessa Slavic, a partner at Z Labs, leads a workshop on discovering one’s unique purpose. She shares her passion for merging design and diversity and inclusion to create more access for people around the world. Vanessa emphasizes the importance of aligning inner and outer purposes, ensuring that personal values are reflected in one’s actions and how they present themselves to the world. She highlights the significance of exploring individual stories and how they show up in their work.

Uncovering Personal Purpose

Vanessa encourages participants to engage in creative exploration of their unique purpose. She prompts them to reflect on their passions, interests, and experiences, using scribbles and words to capture their thoughts and emotions. Participants share their insights, highlighting themes such as theater, nature, family, and connection with others. Vanessa urges them to delve deeper and examine the underlying meanings and values associated with their themes.

Aligning Purpose with Actions

Vanessa discusses the importance of aligning personal purpose with actions. She shares her own journey and how she created a point of view statement to guide her career choices. She encourages participants to articulate their point of view and explore how their purpose can manifest in their daily lives. She recommends resources such as “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek and the “Design Your Life” class from Stanford University, which apply design thinking principles to personal development.

Continued Exploration and Community

Vanessa emphasizes the need for ongoing exploration of personal purpose and the alignment of inner and outer narratives. She invites participants to continue their journey of self-discovery and to join future Prosper Series events. She emphasizes the significance of community and connectedness in shaping individual paths and offers resources, including a chat on the Solo platform, to foster collaboration and support.

Conclusion and Reflections

Adriana concludes the workshop by expressing gratitude to Vanessa for sharing her insights. She encourages participants to reflect on their learnings and engage in further discussion and interaction. The transcript ends with Adriana extending well wishes for all participants, hoping that they find prosperity in their unique purpose and connectedness.