Prosper Series Emerging Technology, Emerging Markets, & Activism


The “Prosper Series” is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at envisioning ideas and creating a world of prosperity for all. Started as an in-person retreat, it transitioned into an online series due to the impact of COVID-19. Participants from various locations around the world join these sessions to explore topics related to emerging technology, emerging markets, and activism.

Opening Meditation

Each session begins with a meditation to encourage participants to connect with their breath and enter a space of relaxation and imagination. By focusing on their breath and envisioning a beautiful life, attendees are encouraged to explore their personal interpretation of beauty and the emotions it evokes.

Activism and Emerging Technology

The importance of activism and its role in creating real social change is emphasized during the session, particularly as it coincides with Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. Robbie Greenfield, CEO of Emerging Impact and founder of the “Crypto for Change” petition, joins as a guest speaker. He discusses the intersection of activism and emerging technology, highlighting the need for change within the crypto community to address anti-racism.

Leveraging Emerging Technology for Social Impact

Robbie Greenfield shares his background and experience in utilizing emerging technology, specifically blockchain, to support major NGOs and government agencies in implementing social protection, education, and economic empowerment programs. His work involves projects spanning multiple countries and addressing various challenges such as tamper-proof evidence and identity verification. He focuses on the topic of cash assistance and the tokenization of value in emerging markets.

Empowerment through Cash Assistance

Greenfield highlights the advantages of providing cash assistance over other forms of aid, such as physical items. Cash assistance is more cost-effective and empowering for recipients. It challenges stereotypes and disproves the belief that individuals in need will not make responsible choices. The use of tokenized cash provides even greater benefits, including lower transaction fees, international accessibility, and financial inclusion for marginalized communities.

Challenges and Cultural Nuances

Tokenized financial products must consider the cultural and linguistic nuances of the communities they serve. Greenfield stresses the importance of understanding local contexts, literacy levels, and internet connectivity issues. He mentions the historical roots of financial products in slavery, emphasizing the need to deconstruct and rebuild systems to ensure racial and social justice.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The conversation shifts to the importance of diversity and inclusion within the blockchain space. Greenfield highlights the need for organizations to include people of color in their teams and decision-making processes to achieve true financial inclusion and avoid perpetuating racial biases. He encourages organizations to reevaluate their token distribution strategies, ensuring that communities they aim to empower have a fair share.


The session concludes by addressing audience questions and acknowledging the importance of user-friendly experiences and simplified educational resources for wider participation in governance decisions. Attendees are invited to the next session, focused on community currencies. The series aims to foster prosperity, connection, and purpose for all individuals involved.