Prosper Series Technology for a Sustainable Future


The YouTube video titled “(1674) Prosper Series Technology for a Sustainable Future” features Adriana as the host of the Prosper Series, a virtual gathering focused on sharing content and building a community. Adriana begins by inviting participants to share their locations in the chat. She then leads a short meditation to foster a mindset of prosperity.

Featured Speakers

The video introduces two guest speakers: Landon, the co-founder of Project Ren, a web app that calculates and offsets carbon footprints, and Janvier, a partner in engineering at C Labs, working on enabling people to prosper and coexist with the planet.

Exploring Sustainability and Regenerative Solutions

Janvier highlights the concept of carbon-neutral blockchains and explores the potential of leveraging platforms to incentivize sustainable behavior in the real world. The video discusses proof-of-stake mechanisms and how validators determine the next block in the blockchain network. It also mentions the distribution of rewards to validators, voters, and contributions to funds such as the carbon offsetting fund.

Incentivizing Sustainable Actions

The video explains how projects can incentivize sustainable actions through methods like airdrops and bounties. These initiatives encourage users to engage with the platform by offering tokens for tasks such as watching informational videos or identifying and fixing bugs. Tokenization of physical objects, such as creating a “true coin,” is also explored as a means of promoting sustainability.

Leveraging Stable Coins and Trust Scores

The discussion shifts to the role of stable coins in supporting sustainability efforts. The stability mechanism used by Sello, a blockchain platform, allows users to generate stable coins by trading them for a predetermined value. The video emphasizes the need for a decentralized system that incorporates trust scores to verify and tokenize various assets, especially when it comes to local municipalities or non-profits performing verification.

Collaboration and Engagement

Adriana concludes by emphasizing the importance of collaboration and caring for one another in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. She encourages viewers to share their ideas during the follow-up Zoom chat or reach out to the team through Discord or email.

Q&A and Future Discussions

The video briefly addresses a question about Bitcoin versus Sello, highlighting the potential benefits of Sello’s stability mechanism. It also mentions that further questions and discussions can take place in the follow-up Zoom chat. The hosts express their excitement about the upcoming sessions and invite John and Landon to share their projects, Agri Ledger and Project Ren, respectively.

Agri Ledger: Connecting Small Farmers and Buyers

John discusses Agri Ledger, a project supported by the World Bank, focused on connecting small farmers in Haiti to a wider digital ecosystem. By leveraging existing brokers and a digital marketplace, Agri Ledger aims to improve information symmetry and enhance agricultural knowledge. The project seeks to address challenges such as market and weather risks while promoting sustainable practices and providing fair compensation to farmers.